Corporate America, FPS where emails are your weapon

Solo developer Sam DeMinico released the fast paced multiplayer FPS Corporate America on Steam for Windows.

Corporate America is a first person shooter set in a near future in which AI has taken all of our jobs, and the only jobs left for humans are sending emails back and forth to each other.

“Corporate America is an absurd shooter in which you have to blast emails against other office workers and attack them with a bunch of papers”, says Sam DeMinico.

Corporate America features online and LAN modes for up to 15 players. It contains 5 arenas and 3 game types: patience-match, patriot-match, and capitalism.


  • Play online or local with up to 15 friends (or rivals)
  • 5 arenas included over 3 game types
  • Game types include: Patiencematch, Patriotism, Capitalism
  • All future updates and additions are free with purchase of game