Beautiful Bricks, ultimate 4 player arcade brick breaker on Windows

Beautiful Bricks, the ultimate 4 player arcade brick breaker with 8-bit aesthetics, is out on Steam for Windows. The game  is a restoration of the all-time classic Arkanoid with improvements such as physic-based ball behavior and more paddle control – including an ability to jump!

Beautiful Bricks features 230 levels, 15 challenging boss battles, and over 40 innovative power ups. It also contains co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes, as well as 4 special game modes.
More About Beautiful Bricks
Beautiful Bricks is the ultimate 4 player brick breaker. A restoration of an arcade great with awesome improvements like physic-based ball behavior, more paddle control (including an ability to jump), 4 simultaneous players and boss battles. All presented in a consistent retro ‘8-bit’ aesthetic.
  • 1 – 4 simultaneous players
  • 230 levels and 15 challenging boss battles
  • Over 40 innovative power ups including Jet Pad (giving the paddle flight) and Wreck’n Ball (a giant ball that destroys anything in its path)
  • Unique physic-based ball movement and ability to have the paddle jump
  • Play with keyboard, mouse or gamepad
  • Co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes
  • Special game modes: Endless, Boss Rush, Invader and Marathon
  • 8-bit style graphics and sound
  • Tracker .MOD “chiptune” style music
  • Locally savable high scores and achievements
  • Unlockable secrets and hidden content