The Donnerwald Experiment, fantasy RPG on Steam Early Access

The first chapter of The Donnerwald Experiment–a fantasy RPG about nightmares, machines and self discovery– is out on Steam Early Access for Windows.
The Donnerwald Experiment is the story about Johanna Prokuri, a scientist who lost her creativity due to a terminal disease known as the Mare Noctem. The Game an interactive combat system with action commands, as well as many characters, all with their own goals, fears and dreams.
More About The Donnerwald Experiment

An endless nightmare awaits Johanna Prokuri!
She was once a prodigy, capable of creating powerful automatons and other machines.But three years ago, an accident happened which resulted in the loss of her creativity.
Since then, she’s been struggling to develop new ideas.

One day a charming mole named Montgomery appears in her dreams.
He warns her that a Dream Demon “infected” her with a terminal disease known as the Mare Noctem.
The loss of her creativity is just one of the symptoms and she’s about to turn into a monster soon.

Now the duo is hunting Dream Demons together and try to find a way to get rid of her disease before it’s too late.