Ninja Legends, available on Steam Early Access

Arcade style ninja combat virtual reality (VR) game Ninja Legends is available on Steam Early Access (Windows PC). Developed by Coinflip Studios, Ninja Legends is a unique one vs. many melee combat game only possible in VR. Wielding katanas and empowered with mystical abilities, players must slice and bludgeon cooperative enemy swarms attacking from all angles in order to survive.

Ninja Legends is designed to capture the experience of being a badass ninja. The easy to learn game controls rely exclusively on physical motion allowing players to jump immediately into the action. Enemies work together to surround players in creative ways so players are challenged with endless combat puzzles and rewarded with epic carnage when they succeed. There’s no running away, and there’s no hiding. It’s intense.

Key features of Ninja Legends:

  • Dynamic slicing: Strong strikes will cut enemies in half along the slice angle.

  • Powerful weapons & abilities: Katanas, Claws, Staff, Gauntlets, Naginata pair with Shadow Bow, Shadow Ropedart and more. Different loadouts result in dramatically different movements and strategies.

  • 18 beautiful settings from feudal Japan featuring unique enemies and bosses: The picturesque frozen pond, the Zen bamboo forest, the dojo, the epic sunsets and more evoke the enchantment of feudal Japan.

  • Leaderboards and daily challenges: Players must learn the optimal loadout and combat style unique to each level and mode to be #1.

The game is available on Steam: