Songs of Skydale, Steam Early Access on August 21st

Kaskuja Studio has announced that Songs of Skydale’s early access version will launch on Steam (Windows PC) on August 21st . The debut game from indie developer Kaskuja Studio is a 2D action RPG game with a strong emphasis on adventure and skill-based combat.

At first glance, Songs of Skydale appears to be a typical action RPG and, to some extent, that impression is true. The player is a stranger who arrives in the Kingdom of Skydale with hopes of beginning a new life. Straight away, the player is involved in various events and quests. As the game progresses, the player faces different characters, items, enemies, dungeons, and puzzles.

Although Songs of Skydale has typical action RPG elements, the game is more hardcore than most other RPG or adventure games. In Songs of Skydale, the usual player aids like the minimap, quick save, and health regeneration have been removed. This strengthens the sense of survival and adventure. Another important aspect of the game is fast skill-based combat. In this game, there is no need to stop while attacking, just smash your way through the enemy hordes!

If you are tired of playing casual adventure games or if you are looking for a challenging action RPG, Songs of Skydale is the game for you!