Rogue Glitch, roguelite game on Steam Early Access – Mid August

Numskull Games will be kicking off their digital library in August, working with the inspirational solo developer Lino Slahuschek on his latest project, Rogue Glitch. Arriving on Steam for an Early Access launch next month, this multiplayer roguelite is aimed at platforming perfectionists looking for an ever-evolving challenge.

Packed into the Early Access build of Rogue Glitch are over 80 unique items, 7 upgradeable characters each with unique properties and a narrative told through a lovable villain on completion events. Movement and combat has been fine-tuned for a platformer lover’s palette, allowing player finesse to take on a deadly form. Multiple jumps, ground stomps, wall slides and glides are at your disposable and enhanceable with items. Collect stat boosters and projectile modifications to evolve your pixel-shooter to a force of destruction, and delete the inhabitants of the glitchworld run after run with 1-4 players.

The game’s vibrant family-friendly visuals are accompanied with upbeat electronic tunes from the videogame composer Failpositive, providing a delightful roguelite experience this summer with friends.

Rogue Glitch is available on Steam Early Access (Windows & Mac) in mid-August.