Blade & Soul – Fire and Blood’ Update Brings New Dungeons

The brand-new ‘Fire and Blood’ update for Blade & Soul brings an unstoppable dragon force in the form of an all-new 12-player raid, Koldrak’s Lair. In addition to the much-anticipated dungeon, content highlights for the update, now live, also include:

  • Lyn Gunslingers, the Lyn race can now take on the Gunslinger class
  • The Emperor’s Tomb storyline, which unlocks the Ransacked Treasury 6-player heroic dungeon
  • The Fire’s Favor event, available for a limited time and allows players to earn helpful rewards and buffs for normal dungeons
  • Legend Mode for PvP, which lets players play for weekly and seasonal rewards as classic Blade & Soul characters in the arena, including Jinsoyun and Poharan