CARRUMBLE, free to play car-fighting game’s Announcement Trailer

The independent Italian studio 3DClouds announced that the launch of CARRUMBLE, the adrenaline-fueled free to play car-fighting game developed exclusively for Windows PC, will launch on Steam on November 6th, as opposed to October 16th as previously announced.

“We had hoped to complete CARRUMBLE by the original date but we realized that some features where just not quite where we wanted them to be so we prefer to take the additional time and ensure the maximum gameplay experience. Carrumble is complete and ready to play but we will use this extra time to polish, balance and implement some of the closed beta feedback. We are confident that this will make CARRUMBLE an even more fun game to play and to watch.

CARRUMBLE will be supported long term after launch with lots of new content still to be created and this delay will ensure that the launch version will be the very best version possible.

In the world of CARRUMBLE you don’t only play for glory but also to win prizes that allow you to unlock ever more spectacular vehicles and related skins. Hundreds of hours of play await you as you attempt to climb the charts and be crowned king of CARRUMBLE!

CARRUMBLE main features

  1. Choose your vehicle from a wide range of cars and trucks!!
  2. Fight in unique dynamic arenas
  3. Hit your opponents with a special move inspired by the wrestling world or then again simply use brute force until your opponent’s explode. Make sure however to use strategy and tactics to triumph, the gameplay is deep and multi-faceted!
  4. Power up your attacks by collecting the “BLUE NITRO” tanks to deliver more powerful blows
  5. Watch out for the drone containing the “PINK NITRO X” you will need this to unleash the powerful ultimate ability of your character.
  6. Seasonal ranking system for online matchmaking!
  7. Shape the game, your opinion matters, share your thoughts ideas and passion with the developers and the best ideas will become future features!