Maelstrom, naval combat game goes free-to-play

Gunpowder Games announces their rip-roaring fantasy naval battle game is now available for FREE on Steam (Windows).

After a successful Early Access, fast-paced fantasy naval combat game Maelstrom will be leaving early access & launching on Steam for free September 19th with a host of new features and content.

Maelstrom had a successful Early Access period with thousands of players enjoying an early glimpse of the game. With tons of new features, polish & integrated feedback from players the game is ready to leave Early Access & is making the switch from premium to a Free-to-Play title.


  • Tactical Combat: Positional damage, ammo types, and special captain abilities

  • Monsters and Maelstroms: Survive a magical ocean and its deadly creatures

  • Loot and Plunder: Power up your ship with loot from sinking enemy ships

  • Customization and Progression: Pick a captain and crew that fit your combat style

  • Fast-paced Action: Use cannons, ramming and boarding to sink opponents

  • Solo or Team Modes: Go it alone or team with friends

  • (New) Battle Pass system featuring one of the most generous free tracks around with rewards at every level!

  • (New) Customize the look of each ship with the new cosmetics system featuring Ship Skins, Cannon Tracers, Wind Trailers, Lifeboats & Titles!

  • (New) Always something to chase with the Quest system, Daily Bonus rewards and Epic Quests

  • (New) A massively improved and updated mate upgrade system allowing players to upgrade mates with Gold

  • (New) A new matchmaking system that enforces fair matches with players of similar strength and orneriness!

  • (New) A medal system that rewarding players for thrilling gameplay moments

Free to Play Transition

No disruption of service is expected and existing players can continue to play the game by allowing Steam to update & patch the game.

Players who purchased or supported the game during Kickstarter and Early Access will receive reward packages filled with exclusive items that will be automatically granted upon logging in.

Updates and Events

The game will be continuously updated with events & content as development continues. A development road map is located on the Steam store page.

About Maelstrom

Featuring naval combat with magic and monsters in a flooded fantasy world, Maelstrom is a third person action strategy game where players captain a warship and sail the turbulent Abyssal Ocean to play online battle royale based multiplayer, solo or with friends, in free for all matches.

In Maelstrom players command a customized warship with a handpicked captain, crew and equipment offering a range of special advantages. Each ship offers unique features and play style. Players need to watch the angle of cannons, keep the strongest armor facing the enemy, and avoid the many dangers of the sea such enormous leviathans lurking in ‘Dead Waters’.

Players begin each battle on the outskirts of an ocean filled with fog banks, currents, maelstroms and monsters. By sinking NPC ships or other warships, players collect treasure and powerups which grant significant combat bonuses for the rest of the battle. All players receive rewards based on the gold collected during battle, bounties claimed by sinking others, and how long they survived.

New ships and upgrade options are purchased with gold, along with crew and captains. Crew can be upgraded, becoming more powerful and unlocking new skills while captains provide a unique signature special ability that can swing the balance of the game at a moment’s notice.

Maelstrom is out now on and Free to Play on Steam for Windows PC.