Castle Costume, platform action-adventure game on PS4

Castle Costume has been unleashed on the PlayStation store (PS4) for only $9.99. Nintendo Switch is coming soon

Adventure, through a mysterious land, meet new friends, recover the souls of the Witches of the West utilizing unique Trick or Treat gameplay mechanics and save Halloween from the evil clutches on Angry Aaron.

Castle Costume promises a return to the golden age of platform games, with modern-day collect-a-thon inspiration.

Castle Costume is a platform action-adventure game set in a semi-open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. The player travels between four worlds, which can be explored without time limits. Throughout the game, the player unlocks many different abilities to aid them on their journey, The game is set in a mysterious world locked in a cycle of Halloween.

The story follows a young boy who must save Halloween from the evil Angry Aaron, a former child who was scorned one Halloween night, His rage and envy has locked the world in an everlasting torment, You as the player must befriend many characters throughout the game as only together can you save Halloween.