Cat Lady – The Card Game, AEG card game adaptation on Windows

Nomad Games announced Cat Lady – The Card Game is out on Steam for Windows. Based on the physical game by AEG and Josh Wood, Cat Lady is a well-loved card-drafting game about being the very best Cat Lady you can be!

In Cat Lady – The Card Game, players compete against each other to prove who is the best cat lady! By picking up three cards at a time, players take turns to collect cats, food, toys and costumes to score points, making tactical decisions as they play. Cat Lady – The Card Game on Windows PC features three different levels of AI to compete against, a global leaderboard, local multiplayer for up to 4 players, and achievements to collect.

The PC edition has some quirks which set it apart from the mobile adaptation too! The layout of the screen is wider, with a new user interface allowing you to see your cards at all times. Players will also be able to play online with the Windows PC version of Cat Lady – The Card Game thanks to Steam’s Remote Play functionality.

But the most important new feature in the Windows PC version is that the cursor resembles a mouse.

“Cat Lady is a game we know a huge number of players love, which is why we decided to bring that experience to a whole new audience by adapting the game for Windows PC. We’ve rebuilt the game from the ground up, adding a whole new user interface for the Windows PC platform. We can’t wait for you to get your paws on it! If you like card games and cats, this game has everything you need.” said Don Whiteford, Managing Director of Nomad Games.

Cat Lady features:

  • More than a dozen cats to collect
  • 28 exciting achievements to unlock
  • Over 100 cards to draft
  • Quick, easy to learn gameplay
  • Local multiplayer for up to 4 cat ladies