Cave Digger, ‘Railway to the Depths’ expansion

Cave Digger: Railway to the Depths expansion out now for all VR platforms including Oculus Quest available on Steam for Windows.

Mining mountains, train choo-chooing and exploring with Chompy the companion

Behind steaming coffee machines and the blackest coffee in their pots, a newcomer in the VR game industry is beefing up their first release with a substantial “update”. Calling it an expansion would not be an overstatement but technically it’s just an update. A massive kind of that. And, as we know, game updates are free so go download it right away in case you already have Cave Digger in any of your libraries. Why this update brings colossal changes to original Cave Digger: Riches is that a player is no more bound by virtually one elevator.

Step outside of the saloon to the porch and you find yourself gazing over a desolate mining town with a railway track and a broken train. Equipped with a single pickaxe in the start, you begin digging to find resources. Money is the key resource, which is for upgrade mining tools, the town, and the train. Worth noting that Cave Digger is dubbed alternative western so expect some modern and sci-fi elements mixed in a western environment. Like a rock-breaker glove, selfie cam equipped matter scanner and more one another stranger sort of things.

There isn’t exactly step-by-step objectives, instead a player’s goal is to progress as long as possible until an ending event is found. Different player choices impact how long they survive, the ending is inevitable though. With the original Cave Digger and Railway to the Depths update, there are eight different endings.

“We felt the game wasn’t finished yet and there was a lot of potential if we let the players wander outside of the elevator. I think by giving this update for free, the game offers enough exploration and adventure for the price tag. Our sincere thanks go also to Business Finland and Oculus for making this possible. We are excited to announce more VR productions later this year”, says VR Producer Jani Kaipainen of Cave Digger.

Key New Features

  • Free-roaming in the expanded game world
  • Many hours of added gameplay
  • One new ending
  • Companion to help carry the weight of the riches
  • An upgradeable train to move around

Grab your pickaxe (read: favorite VR headset) and head on to the expanded Frontier!

Cave Digger: Railway to the Depths update is included in Cave Digger: Riches DLC on Steam, Cave Digger: Riches on Oculus and Viveport stores, and Cave Digger on PS store.

About Cave Digger
Cave Digger is a mining adventure game, which takes place in the mines of a small town of an alternative western universe full of mystery, dark humor and full of experimental tools. Gear up to explore the town and the depths of the mountain. Excavate bedrock with your hard swings, reap the rewards of Mother Earth and trade mined valuables for new gadgets and unveil the multiple endings.

Available on Steam for Windows. Support for: PSVR, Oculus Rift (S), Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index and WMR.