Close Combat: The Bloody First, storm the Axis’ positions on Windows

Close Combat: The Bloody First is ready to storm over Axis’ positions. The new chapter that reinvents the classic series is available on Windows PC with three Campaigns divided into 11 Operations and 36 Battles. Players take the lead of the 1st US Infantry Division and fight their way through Tunisia, South Italy and the final assault on D-Day’s beaches.

The new 3D Archon engine powers Close Combat: The Bloody First battles with full three-dimensional maps where hills and woods can block the line of sight.

Close Combat: The Bloody First, faithful to the heritage of the classic series, is a tactical RTS where strategy counts: players can’t blindly launch mindless attacks on enemy positions without losing their army in minutes.

Morale also plays a central part in battles: units under fire will be pinned, will panic and flee. Players need to carefully plan their attacks and use real-world infantry tactics as real commanding officers would do: flank enemy machine-guns nests, use smoke barrages to cover their advances, scout no man’s land to order artillery bombardments or air strikes on dug-in enemy positions.

Multiplayer: like in all previous Close Combat games, The Bloody First is a joy to play online. A serious simulation where players can fight with human opponents in real-time, or team up with them and play coop against the AI.

Close Combat: The Bloody First is now available on Windows PC at Steam.