Conqueror’s Blade, first update ahead of Season I: Seize the Crown

Global publisher MY.GAMES and developer Booming Games announced the launch of Conqueror’s Blade first update ahead of its soon upcoming Season I: Seize the Crown expansion. This free Pre-Season Update lays the groundwork for the inaugural Season and removes some restrictions and limitations while introducing a host of new features and enhancements. Warlords can look forward to new challenges and rewards in their every expanding world with improved graphics, tutorials, ranking system, items with boosts to experience, stat and crafting modifiers, and much more.

The expansion sets the stage for Season One’s ever growing landscape, full of new warlords to create, war units to command, and new undiscovered terrains to discover and claim! Download the free download today and prepare to shape the next epic chapter in Conqueror’s Blade saga of conquest and glory!

Additional features launching with Season One includes:

  • No More Weapon Restrictions or Limits: Players can now enjoy the full range of 20 different weapon options for both male and female warlords! Female characters will be able to wield the Poleaxe, Bow, and Spear, while male warlords will be able to brandish the Shortbow and Dual Blades, bringing the total number of unique gender and weapon combinations to new heights!
  • A Revamped User Interface: Menus and gameplay interfaces will be more accessible and intuitive, while increasing its overall visual presentation.
  • Graphical Enhancements: The world will look even better than before through new lighting, animations, revamped visual effects and additional cinematics will be added.
  • New Warlord Customization Systems: The new update introduces the War Scholar, Doctrine, and Signaculum systems each providing all-new levels of customization for Warlord armies. From unique items that boost warlord stats to increased unit crafting materials, these systems provide budding warlords with new ways to shape their armies and truly choose their paths to world domination

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