Crossout, highly original Battle Royale mode is out

Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment have introduced a new PvP game mode to the post-apocalyptic vehicle shooter Crossout, called ‘Battle Royale’. 32 players will fight against each other on the new map ‘Blood Rocks’, which they will search for weapons and equipment to improve their starting vehicle with. Only the last man standing will be able to leave this cruel tournament alive.

At the beginning of battle, all players are facing the same starting conditions. Driving only a light buggy without any weapons or equipment, they have to search the battlefield for useful items such as chainsaws, rocket launchers, cloaking devices and more. As soon as an item is picked up, it is attached to the own vehicle immediately, which can support up to two firearms, one melee weapon and one auxiliary module in total. Installed modules can be swapped at any time for the many other items that can be found through the battle.

The special buggies used in this ‘royal battle’ come with an extra sturdy frame, which means that players won’t be able to shoot of the wheels as in usual Crossout battles. To neutralize an opponent in this mode, the vehicle has to be destroyed entirely. Extra supplies can also be found around the map, which include additional ammunition for weapons, or repair kits to restore vehicle strength after a skirmish.

The new map, ‘Blood Rocks’, is the largest playable location in Crossout to date and is 16 times larger than the average PvP map available in game. It features networks of caves, large areas with ruined buildings and other constructions of the old world, offering an abundance of shelters to hide in – but only for a very short time. Creeping ever closer over the horizon is a massive sandstorm, which constantly decreases the playable area. Any vehicle caught in its ravenous maw will be turned into shreds in mere seconds, and its unpredictable movement means that you never know which area of the map will be affected last.

A huge new map, piles of weapons, plenty of ammunition but only one life – ‘Battle Royale’ is now available in Crossout! Read more here:

About Crossout
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