Cyber-horror puzzle game, ECHOPLEX (Video)

Cyber-horror puzzle game, ECHOPLEX Video

The thought-provoking ECHOPLEX will soon have you questioning your very existence … and leave you wondering if you’re only an echo of a future self 🙂

In ECHOPLEX, an eerie “echo” of yourself shadows your every move. Everything you do is repeated by it – and if you stand still for too long, it’s game over. The secret to surviving in ECHOPLEX is using the entity’s mimicry to your advantage. For example, walking through a door’s trigger will lock the door in front of you, but as the Echo passes through the same trigger, the door will open – allowing you to pass through.

ECHOPLEX’s non-linear storyline explores the mysterious connection between an engineer working at Clonochem Corporation and an activist protesting the company’s controversial product, Continuum. When the engineer calls a phone number written on a severed arm, he finds himself as one of many iterations caught up in an endless cycle of repeating events… Do you have what it takes to break free?

Created by indie filmmaker Tyron Janse van Vuuren, ECHOPLEX features a gripping, self-contained storyline. Tyron’s many years of experience as a director played a key role in crafting ECHOPLEX’s story arcs – particularly during the game’s unsettling live action sequences.