Dark Passenger, a comedy-horror themed audio game (Video)

Dark Passenger, a comedy-horror themed audio game Video

In Dark Passenger, you play as a blind man desperately trying to survive while being guided by a suspicious man. To save his life, players must be aware of their environment, trusting only their hearing. The game can be played with keyboard and controllers.

Dark Passenger starts you off in a morbid scenario of having a panic attack as your character adjusts to the fact that their eyes have been recently removed from their body. You are soon greeted by a mentally suspect man, who seems to take perverse, sadistic pleasure in your situation, yet tries to calm you down, promising to guide you to safety.

In order for you to navigate this unknown environment, you must use your ears to pin point items as well as dangerous enemies and obstacles so that you may progress. Soon, you will meet with alert guards who chase you down in escape sequences as well as encounter stealth situations, where you must make little noise and stay out of sight of patrols by using your ears to map out where enemies are going and use your cunning to create openings.