DODGY ROCKS, Crazy high-speed endless arcade is available

Independent games developer NIVRIG GAMES announced the worldwide release and availability of DODGY ROCKS to the games store for Windows, MacOS and Linux. Dodgy Rocks is a single-player, high-speed endless score chaser that combines addictive gameplay with an authentic 8-bit arcade feel and features that modern gamers expect. Dodge the rocks and other projectiles coming your way for as long as possible. Dodge, dash, kick and smash your way out of tight spots to survive just one more wave. Discover and master advanced moves to rack up your bonus and climb the online leaderboards, before testing yourself against the next difficulty level. Are you ready for NIGHTMARE? We don’t think you are.

Dodgy Rocks began as a Power RangersTM fan game made for the lead developer’s son, and is being released on his birthday. Growing from a jam to create something the entire family could play, the game has been greatly enhanced to offer deeper mastery and gameplay to challenge even the most skillful gamers.

With its addictive gameplay, online leaderboards, four levels of challenge, intuitive controls and authentic aesthetic, Dodgy Rocks is a great addition to any portfolio of favorite games.