Horace, New modes and features added

Horace, the indie cinematic platform adventure game from two-man development team Paul Helman and Sean Scaplehorn, is receiving a wealth of new features, game modes and in-game items available to players in a free content update on Steam. Players unfamiliar with the hand-crafted platform adventure, critically praised for its delightful mix of nostalgic pop culture references and unique storytelling, can take advantage of a limited run 20% off discount will be available later today on Steam for one week only.

“A real contender for indie game of the year” The Sixth Axis

“One of the most charming games of the year” Eurogamer “This is one of the best games of 2019…” Way Too Many Games “Horace might very well be the best platformer of 2019.” Cubed “An endearing, nostalgic, platforming masterpiece” The Digital Fix

A platforming game at heart with Metroidvania-inspired abilities to be unlocked through progress in the game, Horace invites players to overcome challenging puzzles and defeat difficult bosses while evoking a range of emotions that will leave some laughing, crying and cheering their way through a touching narrative. The latest free game update treats new and existing players to more ways to interact with this pixel perfect world, including:

  • The Time Machine: The Time Machine will allow players to revisit old boss fights completed during normal gameplay. By revisiting boss battles and achieving better results, players can unlock in-game movies and music tracks for the Cinema and Gramophone.
  • Cinema: Located at the top of the players’ mansion, the new cinema will allow players to re-watch their favorite cutscenes from the game. Cutscenes are unlocked through normal gameplay, by beating boss challenges in The Time Machine or by picking up a Bad RAM item from the game.
  • Gramophone: The Gramophone is unlocked within the Cinema and is where players will be able to listen to musical tracks featured in the game. Tracks are unlocked through normal gameplay or by revisiting boss battles in The Time Machine.

Horace is a delightful platformer centered around a heartwarming story of following one’s dreams. Inspired by recent indie gems and classic fan-favorites of the genre, Horace seeks to make an emotional connection through storytelling and features full cut-scenes throughout to create a cinematic platform experience. Packed with a host of arcade mini-games, many of which are inspired by classic games in pop culture history, Horace is a hand-crafted experience that is sure to delight fans of the 8-bit and 16-bit era.