Frantic flapping game, “Leave the Nest” (Video)

Frantic flapping game, “Leave the Nest” Video

About Leave the Nest

Step out of your comfort zone and choose from a flock of friendly birds, fly as far from your home nest as you can before you settle down to build your new home, all the while flapping your way to independence. Be careful as you fly through the skies in this linear endless flapper. You’ll have to avoid lava spewing from volcanoes, dodge side to side to avoid ghosts in the graveyard zones, navigate windows, fireworks and fountains to name just some of the challenges that may bring your journey to a halt.

It’s not all challenges and obstacles, there are power ups to collect such as shields and magnets which help by protecting you and collecting tokens, not to mention the many birds’ special abilities.

Fun to play on your own, even more fun to play with your friends, as you take turns to see who is the furthest flapper.