Gaijin Charenji 1: Kiss or Kill, “Punk narrative shoot-’em-up” on Xbox One

For its first game, overGame Studio wanted to develop a new game concept. An easy-to-access game that brings something new to the video game media. “Gaijin Charenji 1 : Kiss or Kill” is a Punk Narrative Shoot -Them-Up.

It is a shooter that plays with video game codes and pays tribute to Full Motion Video games. The principle of the game is the following, through short and intense levels, the player has the choice between killing his enemies or kisses. It will make kiss combo or kill combo. These combos can be maintained from one level to another. The goal is to finish the game by making the best score. Gaijin Charrenji 1: Kiss or Kill is a fairly short game, typed arcade, but with an interest in playing it in different ways. Here are the great features of Gaijin Charenji 1: Kiss or Kill

  • FAST AND INTENSE SESSIONS: with short level, varied design and a lot of surprise

  • REPLAY VALUE: : action typed arcade replayable to infinity

  • KISS / KILL CHOICE: you have the choice, you choose your way, “love” or “war”

  • FULL MOTION VIDEO: an innovative narrative gaming experience!

  • SCORING: Beat your friends and be the number one in the world!

  • Debuted on another console in 1998 by Yoshihiro Takahashi, Kiss Or Kill was completed 21 years later by his son Yosuke Takahashi. It’s an unusual work, a game from another era, a video game UFO. Yosuke Takahashi, Lead Game Designer at overGame studio, says, “Initially this game is the idea of my father Yoshihiro Takahashi. He started this game on Dreamcast but the development had to stop. Today, releasing this game is a tribute to my father. I think he would be proud to see that his game is finally out.”