Georifters coming to PS4, Switch, Xbox One & Windows PC

The hardworking peeps over at Busy Toaster and Another Indie have made a game for all the world changers out there! Smash, bash, twist, turn, and flip the world to suit your needs in Georifters! The terrain is your tool, the world is your weapon and it’s up to you to use your abilities to save the day and claim victory in the battle arena!

Meet a host of characters, master their abilities, dress them up (or down) and combine outfits to suit your style. Whether going alone or with friends, co-operating or competing, you can do it looking good!


  • Adventure: Once upon a time a sweet little girl called Candy had the complicated task of understanding and accepting newcomers from five different worlds that suddenly intersected with her own! In a solo journey or as a co-op for 2 people this mode allows you to explore, learn and master the unique ground bending mechanics of the Georifters.
  • Time Trial: A fast-paced race against the clock for up to four people. By the way, do not forget to collect crystals, they will give you some additional time to complete the levels. Any speedrunners around?
  • Battle Race: Time to troll your friends and earn some bragging rights! This thrilling competition is where you show you platforming, world twisting, weapon flinging and friend flattening techniques to up to 4 players in a battle for sweet, sweet crystals.

If you want to add some more fun to the formula, Georifters is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, with special, unique, and upgradable abilities (through collectible stickers) for each character along with dozens of exclusive themed costumes and more all of which can be unlocked within the game!