GRID Autosport, Nintendo Switch Gameplay Video

Feral Interactive has released a new gameplay video for GRID™ Autosport, the smash hit AAA racing game that’s coming to Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite on September 19th.

As well as demonstrating race modes and car models, the video details Switch-specific features such as HD Rumble, configurable controls (including gyroscopic motion controls), and optimization modes, which allow players to choose between three graphical settings:

    • Graphics Mode – 30fps (highest graphical detail)
    • Performance Mode – 60 fps target (medium graphical detail)
    • Energy Saver Mode – 30fps (lowest graphical detail)

GRID Autosport for Switch will initially be single player only. A free multiplayer update is in development.

GRID Autosport is available to pre-purchase from the Nintendo eShop. It is a single purchase that includes all additional content.