Gun Gun Pixies, third-person shooter & platformer game on Windows

PQube and developer Compile Heart release Gun Gun Pixies worldwide on Windows PC on Steam. The titillating mix between third-person shooter and platformer is available on Nintendo Switch physically or via digital download in Europe and North America.

Two Tiny Alien Girls One Crucial Mission

Pixies Bee-tan and Kame-pon are sent to Planet Earth to study the human inhabitants and gather vital intel on human behavior. But forget everything you thought “studying” could be – because this is a third person shooter like you’ve never seen before.
The pixies infiltrate a women’s dormitory, where their subjects are as cute as they are giant! Armed with guns loaded with Happy Bullets – stealth will be required as you sneak around the girl’s rooms without being seen! Firing the harmless happy bullets will pacify the girls and allow you to study their social conduct.
Giant girls aren’t the only thing you’ll encounter as you explore the towering world around you! All manner of strange objects await you, including giant squids! Meanwhile collecting large coins hidden around the levels and completing objectives lets you unlock new weapons, lingerie, gadgets and costumes.