HammerHelm, third person city building RPG in Steam Aarly Access

The game is currently in Early Access on Steam for Windows with an 83% ‘very positive’ rating out of 99 ratings. Since HammerHelm launched in Early Access in 2017, the game has received over 450 updates, including new quests, new monsters, combat enhancements and more. In its current development stage, HammerHelm already delivers adventurous gameplay with much to explore and build.

Go to the Steam page here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/664000/HammerHelm/

A dwarf on adventure
In HammerHelm, players create their own dwarf character and start a new life in the open air. Banished from their homeland for the idea that dwarves can live above ground, players get to build a new town that will attract other dwarfs with the same ideology. As the leader, players keep the townspeople safe and happy while completing quests to help keep their town thriving. However, as the town grows, danger increases as well. Players must fight enemies and overcome the dangers of this new land to protect their town and the future of their community. In order to prove that dwarves can live above ground, players need to grow their town and make it the best they can.

More About HammerHelm
The dwarves of HammerHelm dream of living above ground, under the sun and clouds. As their leader, you help them establish their home and guide them towards prosperity. Complete quests, craft weapons and armor, defeat dangerous enemies and be the leader your townspeople need. The bigger your town, the bigger your adventure!


•    Build a town with over 30 structures where you can craft and buy items
•    Explore the world and its many creatures in the dungeons, caves, mines and more
•    Complete quests and manage your town to ensure the citizens are happy and safe
•    Fight dangerous enemies in a fast-paced, action combat system

One man project
SuperSixStudios is a one person development studio, run by Jonathan Hanna. He has been the devoted developer of the game since 2014 and is excited about the collaboration with SOEDESCO. “I am thrilled to team up with SOEDESCO and to further update the game based on what players want. SOEDESCO will make use of the game’s full potential and I am confident that together, we will make the most out of its Early Access period.” Bas de Jonge, Marketing Manager at SOEDESCO, is eager to start the HammerHelm adventure. “Given that HammerHelm already has such a devoted community on Steam, we’re looking forward to getting involved with the community and listening to their feedback. Together with Jonathan, I’m positive we can get the game polished for full release”.