Hyper Gods Coming to Switch Early 2020, Steam Free Demo Available

Porto, Portugal/ Ground Control Studios announced that Hyper Gods is coming to Nintendo SwitchTM.

According to the developer, Hyper Gods will take advantage of the unique features of the Nintendo Switch, namely cooperative play anywhere, anytime.

Hyper Gods Hyper Gods is a 2D cinematic shoot’em up that places you in frantically fast 1v1 battles against the Gods. Inspired by 80’s neon retro aesthetics and the classic SHMUP arcade games, Hyper Gods takes all of this and infuses it with breakneck speed, cinematic camera angles and an unique adrenaline-fueled combat experience.

According to João Vinagre, lead-developer and creator of Hyper Gods, the feature-set is key to establish a solid gameplay experience on Nintendo SwitchTM and is optimistic about its reception by players: “When the Nintendo Switch was announced, I remember thinking to myself: this is like the home for Hyper Gods. The unique concepts of the platform, from the portability to the ease on the local multiplayer, combine perfectly with our game’s design and ideas. As such, we’re very very happy to be deploying both the Switch and Steam versions on the full release of the game.”

Hyper Gods Early Access and Free Demo are available on Steam for Windows: (http://store.steampowered.com/app/423730/).

Hyper Gods is the name of the arcade game focused on sense of speed and dazzling space action developed by Ground Control Studios. Imagine a combination of 80’s retro aesthetics, cinematic camera angles, high-speed combat with spaceships and in space! Hyper Gods is available on Steam and Humble Store Early Access. A free demo is available on Steam. The game is coming to Nintendo SwitchTM Early 2020.