DragonClash is Coming to Steam Early Access

Warspider Entertainment announced it is bringing DragonClash, a single player card game of strategic dragon combat, to Steam Early Access (Windows PC) on September 4. Set in an alternate modern-day Earth, ravaged by war, pollution and human greed, dragons have awakened as elemental guardians. Only one will become the Last Kin and remake the world in its claw.

“I’m thrilled to bring DragonClash to Steam’s Early Access program and get reconnected with the community that helped start it all,” said Marc Aranha of Warspider Entertainment. “I’ve been building in the world of DragonClash for over two decades, so releasing this game is the culmination of a very long personal journey for me.”

That journey began 20-years ago when Marc developed a tabletop RPG while a student at New York University. The book, and the web game that followed years later, were the first steps in what became a passion project for the young designer. DragonClash later emerged in 2013 as a physical card game, funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, before finally moving back into the digital realm with its upcoming PC release.

DragonClash launches with both the Red Breather and Blue Adept game decks, challenging players to battle rivals and attempt to defeat The Crone, a repeatable boss-battle. Other dragons, and additional boss-battles and features, are in development, with plans to add those to the game during Early Access.