Path of Titans, “First dinosaur MMO” coming 2020

What the MMO gaming world is missing, and what Alderon Games has brought to crowdfunding, is the answer to the question, Why can’t I play as a dinosaur in a dinosaur MMO?  Enter the new Path of Titans game being developed for home computers, consoles, and mobile devices, where you will be able to play as a dinosaur in a rich ecosystem with complex AI creatures and up to 200 other players per server.  Dinosaur enthusiasts will also be able to explore an environment filled with activities and natural events, while customizing your dinosaur to suit your play style.

From plant-eating creatures like the Stegosaurus, to the giant T. rex-like Daspletosaurus, at launch there are over 10 playable dinosaurs to choose from. Each dinosaur will have its own unique playstyle, like the semi-aquatic Suchomimus that can snap up fish, or the speedy Struthiomimus that can outrun nearly anything, giving players a huge variety of gameplay freedom.  The PoT universe continues to expand through 2020 and beyond with the release schedule slated for 15+ additional dinosaurs and several AI critters, which were either crowdfunding stretch goals or backed by generous high value crowdfunding contributors.

Continuing to expand the trend of games being accessible on any internet connected screen at any time, Path of Titans will bring cross platform play, where friends can game with one another no matter what device they might own. All players will connect to the same servers, and can seamlessly transfer their characters from one platform to play on another. Currently supported platforms include Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, and the team is currently developing console support.  Localization in near 30 languages is planned for the global launch in early 2020.

Path of Titans is also being developed with modding in mind, and has been built to support a huge amount of moddable functionality such as adding new creatures, maps, skins, sounds, and game modes. Once a player creates their mod, they can upload it to the Path of Titans “Cloud Cooker” that will automatically build, package for other devices, and distribute their work to the community so that anyone can enjoy their mod creation regardless of operating system or device.

The expected release date of Path of Titans is February 2020, with a Pre-Release Access window expected to open during December 2019.