Lightstep Chronicles, Dark Horse comics-based adventure on Steam

Eipix Entertainment released Lightstep Chronicles – an atmospheric narrative adventure that features AI with multiple personality disorder – for the Windows PC on Steam. The mix of a narrative adventure and environmental puzzles will throw players into a strange world already established by Lightstep Chronicles comic series published by Dark Horse comics.

A routine mission fails and Cpt. Cain Phoenix’s squad gets abducted by a mysterious spaceship. Their survival relies on his ability to communicate with broken AI with multiple personality disorder. In this text-based adventure, the player will have to choose his answers carefully, as even minor choices might have major consequences. Some will even take the player to certain death.

One of the writers Mladen Levnaic had to say this about the project: “Exploring a broken mind is like looking at your reflection in a shattered mirror. Even though the reflection looks distorted and sinister, you can still recognize your features. Similarly, this game will take you on an intronautic journey. As you learn more about your situation, you will see deeper into the baleful nature of your host. As you learn about yourself, you will begin to understand which branches of human behavior these AIs were meant to emulate, and what this says about their creators. You will stare into an abyss, and I promise, you will feel the abyss staring back.”