The Historical Adventures of Daniela on Android & Windows PC

Primary Education Rural School Miguel Hernández introduces the multi-awarded platformer The Historical Adventures of Daniela on and Android, a game developed by 10 years-old kids.

In The Historical Adventures of Daniela you will have to drive Daniela back to the past and go through 6 levels to get her back to present.

The Historical Adventures of Daniela is the result of an educational project executed by students from Primary Education Rural School Miguel Hernández and students from Software Development Vocational Education and Training school IES Campanillas at Technologic Park of Andalusia (Malaga, Spain).


  • Best Indie Game – Gamepolis, 2019
  • Best Entrepreneurship Educational Project – Innicia, 2019
  • Best Vocational Training Digital Competence – AMETIC Digital Skills Awards Spain, 2019


  • BBVA Acción 2019
  • SIMOEDU 2019