Project Witchstone, Console editions of “living RPG” due in 2020

 Project Witchstone, the living world sandbox RPG from Omensight and Stories: The Path of Destinies developer Spearhead Games, wanders to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q2 2020 alongside the previously-announced Windows PC version.

Drawing inspiration from classic pen-and-paper games, Project Witchstone offers unmatched freedom and opportunity to roleplay in a vibrant, reactive world. Every move adventurers make ripples outward into the environment, opening new doors and closing others, as dynamic systems intertwine to produce a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to the player’s actions.

Set on a newly-colonized continent where a patchwork of competing factions struggle against one another for control, Project Witchstone’s landscape is teeming with potential allies and adversaries to befriend, confront, double-cross, rob, swindle, and more. Everyone on this massive island has their own motivations, allegiances, and routines that connect with the people around them to form a bustling place filled with boundless potential.

Designed around choice and consequence, the world of Project Witchstone provides a canvas with near-endless possibilities that players are invited to explore, shape, plunder, or even destroy. There are a myriad of interweaving systems spanning from turn-based combat and dialogue trees to dice-based ability checks and subterfuge that wield influence over the world and allow travelers to write their own unique stories and decide the fate of this realm.

Project Witchstone will deliver a roleplaying experience unlike any video game you’ve seen before,” said Atul Mehra, co-founder, Spearhead Games. “Bringing the freedom of pen-and-paper games into a digital space is such an exciting undertaking and we can’t wait to share the experience with everyone when Project Witchstone comes to consoles and Windows PC early next year.”