Is the President a Traitor?, Intel/espionage sim available on Windows

Some Hominid Games releases Is the President a Traitor? on Steam for Windows. Pulling from real-world political crises and intelligence practices, Is the President a Traitor? puts players in control of a large-scale investigation of corruption, fraud, and—potentially—treason within the federal government of the United States. Featuring a randomized set of actors to engage and many potential scenarios to navigate, each unique playthrough will challenge the player to use a different toolset or approach to achieve victory. Incremental upgrades to player abilities, combined with increased knowledge of the game’s complex systems, encourages players to pursue more strategically demanding and narratively satisfying victories across multiple replays.

As the crimes of the powerful become both increasingly apparent and distressingly monumental, we at Some Hominid Games want players to understand the systems that support our institutions and the failings that allow them to crumble. Is the President a Traitor? asks players to explore those systems as an insider, exposing them to the complexities of the problems and the difficulties of finding any lasting solutions. Players must uncover the ‘Truth’, but that is really just the first step on their journey.

Your intel briefing on Is the President a Traitor?:

  • Is the President a Traitor? is a strategy management game based around people, resources, and time.
  • Allies, enemies, and everyone in between are randomly generated. No two conspiracies are the same and no two games alike.
  • Don’t expect to win your first time—taking down the most powerful executive office in history will be no small feat. It will take careful planning, foresight, patriotism, and a little luck.
  • Based on true events. Every crime detailed is taken from indictments, convictions, and pardons involving past Presidencies from American history. Teapot-Dome, Watergate, Iran Contra—the list is longer than you’d think.

Start your op now. Available on the Is the President a Traitor? Steam store for Windows: