It came from space and ate our brains, Remastered version in Q1 2020

Publisher All in! Games revealed today that ‘It came from space and ate our brains’, first published in 2015, is returning in Q1 2020! Enjoy new features and a major overhaul as you boost your high score even higher on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Who’s the most awesome alien slayer in the entire world? You are, obviously, and now you can prove it! ‘It came from space and ate our brains’ is a unique Arcade top-down shooter. Looking for addicting gameplay elements, four-player co-op mode, and tons of aliens to send into oblivion? Yes, yes and yes? You’re in the right place!

A merciless alien species has invaded the Earth and they feed on human brains (duh). Wander the city and other atmospheric locations as a no-nonsense kind of guy with the two essentials in life—a flashlight and something to turn aliens into goo. Things look pretty bad and there’s chaos everywhere! Time to save the world! Again!

Find powerful weapons, use your flashlight and special powers to send the unwanted intergalactic guests back into space or just kill them, whichever comes first. Watch out—there are different alien types and they all think your brain is delicious! Survive hordes of enemies trying to corner you and get inside your skull… at least until you set a new high score and die like a badass!

Some of the coolest features in the game:

  • Six exciting, co-op, campaign missions that up to four players can enjoy.

  • A brand-new prologue to the game, showing you how to become a pro in no-time.

  • Completely re-done interface, making it easier to focus on slaying aliens.

  • An incredible techno soundtrack that is sure to raise your heartbeat.

  • Visually updated and upgraded over the original in every possible way.

  • Re-balanced difficulty, making it more fun for both new and experienced players.