Kitten’d, 1.2.1 patch has full twitch integration & a bunch of optimization

Star Vault´s VR game Kitten’d gets twitch integration that lets twitch chat control kitten. The game is available for Windows on Steam.

Turn twitch chat into twitch cats!

Kitten’d has today patched to 1.2.1 and with this patch comes full twitch integration and a whole bunch of optimization.

Streamers can now connect their twitch chat to the game and let viewers become kittens in the game. Every viewer that enters the game can send commands to their kitten.
They can make their kitten poop, play or even change it’s color or send messages to the streamer in game.

The patch also adds full LIV support to further improve the experience for both viewers and the streamer.

Update Features:

  • LIV support, stream yourself in the game
  • Twitch integration, turn your twitch chat into twitch cats!
  • Steam trading cards (they are cute)
  • Massive performance improvements
  • Rainbow poop!

Full developer announcement:

Guide for twitch integration with all the commands:

What is Kitten’d?
Kitten’d is a VR game developed by the Swedish developer Star Vault. In Kitten’d the player is tasked with taking care of a overwhelming amount of cute kittens for a short amount of time per level. The player needs to keep the kittens happy by feeding,petting and playing with them to increase your score. Kittens that poop on furniture or in other ways destroy the apartment will decrease the score. The score is used when the level ends to upgrade tools.