Life Beyond, Journey to a new world multiplayer game’s reveal trailer

Journey across the stars to an abandoned planet to build, to connect and to live in Life Beyond, the still-in-development, persistent open world multiplayer online game from independent game development studio, Darewise Entertainment.

Life Beyond welcomes players to the planet Corvus, where they’re pioneering a new society, building settlements together, exploring vast and diverse biomes brimming with wildlife, flora and foliage. Previously codenamed Project C, Life Beyond is still early in development and Darewise has been working with players since earlier this year to test and provide feedback.

“The technology is finally here to create a massive game world and give players a choice on who they want to be and how they develop new societies,” Darewise CEO and founder Benjamin Charbit said. “Explore an entire world, there for players to discover and to shape. Make individual and collective decisions that impact the game itself. We can’t wait to see players of all types joining our community and developing a life beyond their own.”

Darewise is developing Life Beyond with its proprietary technology, Wiseworld, which is a tool to generate and rapidly expand large worlds, and Orchestrator, which coordinates complex ecosystems and simulation layers within Life Beyond to assure they remain fresh and interesting for players. It is also using SpatialOS in close partnership with Improbable, which enables an unprecedented level of simulation in the game world. Darewise is using a modified version of Unreal Engine 4 and building Life Beyond to be a cross-platform experience for PC, mobile, consoles and cloud gaming.

“We’re developing Life Beyond to be a unique experience in open world gaming,” Darewise Chief Technology Officer Samuel Kahn said. “We believe the best approach is building a talented team that uses cutting edge technology and is working hand in hand with a passionate community. Our internal tools, including Wiseworld and Orchestrator, allow our team to move faster and focus on improvements and adding more compelling content.”