Lunacy: Saint Rhodes, A divine video shows lots & lots of gameplay

Iceberg Interactive has revealed more of their upcoming horror game Lunacy: Saint Rhodes with  an extended gameplay video.

Developed by Lazarus Studio, Lunacy: Saint Rhodes is a first-person horror game where every decision you make changes the course of the story. Introducing The Author: an advanced artificial intelligence that observes how you play and adapts to your every move, meaning no two visits to the town of Saint Rhodes will be the same.

“Our goal is to make the game feel as if you’ve stepped into a place that lives and breathes, without it coming across overly designed. Many hours have been spent on dynamic weather, lighting, foliage, animations and the sound design of the world around you. The houses of Lunacy: Saint Rhodes will make you wonder: Did someone just leave? Are they still around? Or have they been gone for months already? It’s up to you to discover, if you dare.” – The Lunacy: Saint Rhodes Team, Lazarus Studios.

Wishlist the Lunacy: Saint Rhodes on Steam (Windows)

Key features

  • An advanced AI watches your every move and makes sure you never really feel safe
  • True atmospheric horror achieved by the beautifully crafted environments of Saint Rhodes
  • Haunting story involving a family with a dark past
  • Terrifying enemies that all require a different approach
  • Multiple paths to take and outcomes to experience