Mission: It’s Complicated, Superhero visual novel is freely available

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s Valentine’s Day, time to make some superhero dreams come true! Today, Schell Games’ take on visual novels, Mission: It’s Complicated, is available for free download on Steam and itch.io for Windows and Mac PCs. Mission: It’s Complicated delivers romance and companionship in a way that’ll be sure to have players feelin’ the love. But the game isn’t all wine and roses – there’s a world to save!

Within this narrative matching-making extravaganza, players pair various superheroes in hopes sparking a love (or friendship) that will save the world from imminent destruction. Players choose between five heroes of varying genders and orientations to work on cultivating strong connections through missions, dates, and other shenanigans. The stronger and more compatible the relationship, romantic or platonic, the higher the chance of protecting the planet.

Available on PC for Windows and Mac, Mission: It’s Complicated has a total gameplay time that hovers between 8-10 hours. Along with a never-ending supply of super silly puns, Mission: It’s Complicated supplies players with special features, including: an inclusive and LGBTQ friendly variety of heroes to choose from, the freedom to forge their own story to win the game, whether platonic or romantic, and best of all, a totally free gameplay experience.