Table Manners: The Physics-based Dating Game on Windows PCs

Curve Digital and Echo Chamber Games announced their new first-person dating game, Table Manners: The Physics-based Dating Game is out now on Steam, handing romantics the world over the chance to find love in the middle of abject chaos!

Taking on the role of a disembodied hand with a knack for catastrophe, this tongue-in-cheek experience hands people the challenge of finding love when even the simplest of exercises – like pouring a glass of wine for your would-be partner or lighting a candle to aid the ambiance – is a mammoth make or break task.

Add in some especially unique settings – dates aboard a cruise ship, or a mile up in the air on a private jet are anything but everyday occurrences – and you’ve got an experience where every moment is utterly fraught with danger and hilarity, and fit to rival any real-life liaison you may have lined up for this year’s Valentines. Table Manners also features a ‘left-handed mode’ to ensure everyone can get it on the affair.

All objects in Table Manners must be interacted with directly in a 1-to-1 fashion, with players having to master their own rather unreliable hand in order to woo their date. The more successful dates you achieve, the more your skills in the fine art of dating grow and the unlocks begin to flow.

“Unlike real-life dates, Table Manners is a romantic encounter where failure is just as much fun as success,” says Tim Lewis, Producer at Echo Chamber Games. “Naturally,  your gut instinct is to impress your potential new partner, but no one can deny that accidentally drenching your date in a freshly poured bottle of wine isn’t without its own reward. We think it’ll serve as either the perfect practice for those who have a real-life date lined up, or antidote for those who give Valentine’s Day a miss.”

New players of Table Manners can also get a heads-up on hints and tricks on how to start their dating career on the right foot by heading to the official Steam News Blog post:

To discover more about Table Manners, check out the official Steam page here: