Search for Surf, 3D Open World Physics Based Game on Steam Early Access

Search for Surf, an open world 3D physics based surfing video game, has been released on Steam Early Access for Windows and Mac.

Start surfing at the beginner break with gentle consistent waves that will allow you to learn to surf. The waves don’t stop, so you need to learn to deal with the ocean. You will be paddling over, and duck diving under waves. You will need to figure out where to sit to catch the breaking waves. Never surfed before? Don’t worry. Watch the “learn to surf” video and you’ll be on your feet in no time.

The surfing is physics based, which means the wave pushes you, and you get speed from the wave. The maneuvers you can do are based on the wave and how you position yourself on the wave. This leaves open the opportunity to be creative on the wave. Do a big bottom turn and stall into the critical section, or pump for speed and do a big cutback, or get some speed and schwack a hard off the lip. It all depends on the wave, and your ability and skill.

Once you have learned to surf at the beginner break, you will want to explore more challenging breaks. Change your character on land at the Tiki Hut, jump off the cliffs into the lineup and paddle over to your jet ski to explore the other islands. Scan the shoreline for breaks. There are six breaks with different waves at each break. Catch massive peaks at the reef, or catch a ripping fast right off the sandbar, shoot the pier, watch out for rocks in the lineup, and even surf at night. There are set waves, and some breaks are more challenging than others, so try them all, and find your wave.


  • Choose a player – change players in the Tiki Hut.
  • Explore – go on land and explore. Jump off the pier, run back to surf, jump off the rocks.
  • Free jet ski – Use the jet ski to get to other breaks, ride waves, and explore.
  • Wave Variety – Each break has a different wave, and the waves at each break vary in size and length.
  • Duck Dive – Trouble in the lineup? Mouse click to duck dive through waves.
  • Bail – Trouble on a wave? Press C to bail off the wave out of trouble.