Monster Prom, “A Ghost Story” Halloween Update

Beautiful Glitch and Those Awesome Guys release the “A Ghost Story” update for Monster Prom.

Even though they are working hard on the upcoming sequel, the Monster Prom team couldn’t let Halloween creep by without coming through with a few surprises for the most bootiful time of the year. Here’s what fans of monster smooching can expect from the all new “A ghost story” content update:

A brand new plotline

This Halloween, a new tale of romance and dread will unfold at Spooky High. Played between Winston Montgomery and the mysterious Esmeralda, the story is somehow connected to an eerie locket, but as per usual, the developers won’t spoil the surprise. What can be revealed is that there are 3 whole new events to look forward to, each leading to what is the longest Monster PRom plotline to date!

Fresh but familiar outfits 

Rumor around school is that there’s something going on with The Coven. Why are the others wearing their outfits? How does that eerie locket fit into all of this? And what does any of this have to do with going to the prom? Word on the street is that Valerie might know a thing or two.

Mod Tool Update

This Halloween also marks the public debut of Monster Prom’s highly anticipated modding tool. Access will start being provided to owners of both the base game and the Second Term DLC, followed by a full release for all players later this year. There’s also a neat little manual that you can check out right here, right now –

Find Monster Prom on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux HERE: