Skeletal Dance Party, Afterparty Update

Skeletal Dance Party, the adorable indie game about a fox girl necromancer that hosts a Halloween party for her skeletons, gets a spooky update.

Skeletal Dance Party: Afterparty
The Afterparty storyline takes place after the main story in Skeletal Dance Party. After defeating the Temple of Righteous Light and hosting a huge undead dance party in their former temple the foxgirl protagonist Reva faces her next challenge …

A new evil threatens the land – the necromancer Clerie (voiced by Anairis Quiñones). She is a new face in the underground, an interloper bent on taking over Reva’s ‘territory’ with her own brand of necromancy: whereas Reva specializes in raising party-mad skeletons for minions, Clerie raises mindless, flesh-hungry zombie warriors (voiced by P.M. Seymour). Fiery, driven, unwavering, sharp. She holds an iron-clad set of traditional beliefs about how magic should be used, and the destiny of witches and wizards to rule the world; she is personally offended by Reva’s ‘misuse’ of magic and sets out to claim Reva’s territory for herself. She’s determined, daring, deadly, and worst of all, she hates partying.

The Afterparty is out now. Skeletal Dance Party for Windows, Mac and Linux can be bought  at Steam,, Gamejolt.

Afterparty Update Features:

New missions
Afterparty adds 4 new fully voiced missions talking taking place after the true ending to Skeletal Dance Party. Some big spoilers are in it so playing through the entire Skeletal Dance Party first is recommended.

New enemies
Clerie has an army of powerful Zombies and even worse raised some of her own Pumpkings! The Temple of Righteous Light has also send out some of their most powerful warriors to fight the hordes of undead marching in the underground.

Places blessed by the light. In these areas the forces of light hold their stance against the undead hordes. If you happen to find yourself marching into these areas you will be faced against very powerful enemies, but also the possibility of finding very powerful items.

Exploding barrels, radioactive urns and bagpipes
New regulations means that the catacombs can now be used by the Temple for storing all kinds of dangerous materials. Explosive barrels, urns of magical waste products and possessed bagpipes can now be found. Be careful to not get to close to them. Best usage of them is to throw them at the enemies!

Skeletal Dance Party
In Skeletal Dance Party you play as a foxgirl necromancer hosting a dance party for your skeletons. You cast spells, throwing objects and people around with telekinesis, and resurrect your enemies as skeletons to join your party crew. It is a dungeon crawler where all animations are physically-based and everyone dances to groovy beats by Connor O.R.T. Linning.

Skeletal Dance Party was in the Dreamhack Winter 2018 Indie Playground selection as Best Action / Adventure. It was also an Indie Prize finalist 2019 and most recently it was accepted into the IndieCator selection at Sweden Game Conference.

Since its release last Halloween it has been constantly updated with new seasonal content and patches to make the game into the best necromancer party simulator out there. It has also been receiving praise from press and reviewers.

“It’s so bright and happy that we’ll gloss over the fact that this lonely child is on a (literally) unholy murder rampage, converting the corpses of her foes into more cheerful skelepals. Eh, nobody likes paladins anyway.”
– Rock Paper Shotgun

“Within seconds of raising my first skeletons, They quickly found themselves maracas, trumpets and a lute. My undead mariachi band does not know fear.”
– Steam User Review