Musashi vs Cthulhu, fast-paced action game on Steam Early Access

Brazilian developer, Cyber Rhino Studios, announced Musashi vs Cthulhu, a fast-paced action game for Windows PC, is available for early access via Steam.

Armed with two swords, gamers play as feudal Japan’s most famous warrior Musashi as he fights for his life, due to a terrible curse making him the target for an array of deadly foes.

While trying to survive for as long as they can, players must defeat five varied enemies – Cultist, DeepOne, Insect, Maggot and Shambler – with each enemy requiring a different attack combo. Antagonists soon start coming thick and fast, and gamers must think on their feet to stay alive.

“We want to involve the community in the development process, to make the Musashi vs Cthulhu experience the best and as polished as possible,” said Sandro Tomasetti, game designer at Cyber Rhino Studios. “We’ll be carefully listening to our community’s Discord server, keeping a close eye on any suggestions made there or via reviews on Steam, and actively fixing problems.”

Cyber Rhino Studios will use community feedback, received from early access of Musashi vs Cthulhu, to shape the game into one fans desire. Of the three modes planned Endless Mode is currently available to play and the developer has said two other modes – SkillTree and Story – will be influenced by players’ opinions.

Weekly, monthly and all time leaderboards are also mooted, with “a cooler way” to interact with them in the pipeline, where players can see their friends scores and beat them in-game.