Songs of Skydale, Action RPG available on Steam Early Access

Kaskuja Studio announced that Songs of Skydale’s early access version has officially launched on Steam (Windows PC). The debut game from indie developer Kaskuja Studio is a 2D action RPG with a strong emphasis on adventure and skill-based combat.

The development of the game began in summer 2015 as a side project. Since then, the game has grown from a simple prototype to a full-scale action RPG with a large open world and many hours of gameplay. From the start, the idea was to make something familiar but from a different angle. The familiar part of the game includes the most common elements of RPG and adventure games. The player is a stranger who arrives in the Kingdom of Skydale and immediately becomes involved in various quests and events. During the adventure, the player searches for items, unlocks new skills, and fights various enemies.

When compared with other adventure games, Songs of Skydale is more hardcore. The most important idea behind the game was to give the player a sense of adventure without too much hand-holding. For this reason, some typical player aids have been removed. For example, Songs of Skydale does not have a quick-saves, quest markers, or GPS-style maps. According to the developer Pietari Pio, GPS-style maps and quick-saves are often effective ways to kill the sense of adventure.

The combat in Songs of Skydale is fast and skill-based. Correctly timed attacks, blocks, dodges, and spells are the keys to success. Fast combat means that the player can attack and move at the same time. This is way more fun than just smashing the attack button while standing. It also gives the player the option to use some clever hit-and-run tactics.

Songs of Skydale is the right game for those who are looking for a challenging action RPG with an open world and beautiful pixel art.

Key Features

  • Game Time: 6–15 hours
  • Open world
  • Hack-and-slash style combat
  • 45 different items
  • 11 passive skills
  • 4 spells
  • No hp regeneration
  • Paper maps
  • Saves: Only in specific locations, no quick save