Must Dash Amigos, top-down Battle Racer on Switch

Must Dash Amigos has a simple premise; to win you must survive, and to survive you must dash! It very much pays homage to the classic gameplay of Micro Machines and has even been described as a spiritual successor to Micro Maniacs. With its own unique mix of humor and Mexican inspired theme, Must Dash Amigos offers something a little different in this year’s kart-racer-revival.

It features two core game modes; Racing – where you must outlast your opponents amidst chaos and destruction – and Battles – which are time based brawls within enclosed arenas. A variety of weapons, booby traps and pitfalls all blend together to create moments of mayhem and lots of laughter! Four uniquely peculiar characters form the roster for the title, each setting the tone for the charming and colourful cartoony art style.

Must Dash Amigos waves the flag for fans of couch multiplayer games. With wonderfully simple controls, a very short learning curve  and content appropriate for all ages.