Neo ATLAS 1469 Spotted!

Choose the fate of your world in Neo ATLAS 1469. Available physically April 9, 2019 on Nintendo Switch™!

You won’t need maps where we’re going, so cast them to the wind and let us show you how to pave your path to fortune in our newest Neo ATLAS 1469 trailer! Set during the Age of Exploration, we’ll be touching upon some basics of exploring and what to watch out for when setting out into the world to uncover its mystery. Pick your admirals, establish a fleet, and set their course into the unknown! There’s no telling what wonders await you, so go forth and explore!

It is 15th century Europe, at the height of age of discovery. Back when the very shape of the world was still unclear, and believed to be flat.

Searching for what lies at the ends of the Earth, collecting information about the world, creating their very own world map – but only the finest Admirals may take off on these adventures. You are a trader who charters a boat to take on the massive venture of creating a world map.

Are you ready to reveal the true shape of the world?

You listen to the reports of Admirals returned from their explorations and use them as a basis for creating a map. The reports from these Admirals range vastly, from the authentic to somewhat dubious tales of monsters. Thus, depending on what you approve or disapprove, the shape of the world can change greatly.

Perhaps the continents we know now will not exist, while Atlantis and Mu take their place on the map. The only finished map of the world will be a “subjective world” that reflects your values, and one where only that which is approved by you becomes the truth.

Chart out your World Map by sending your Admirals out to explore. Approve or disapprove their reports to shape the world and uncover hidden mysteries.

Follow the whispers and ramblings of the locals to obtain leads. Their words may reveal pathways to new locations, resources, and more.

Only those distinguished by bravery and experience may call themselves Admirals. Recruit these seasoned explorers to venture into undiscovered lands and chart out the world.

Stake your claim to the countless treasures and resources hidden all over the world. Everything from gems and textiles to crops and livestock is yours for the taking.

With oceans separating you from parts unknown, selecting a reliable ship is key to your success.
Unlock different types of ships, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Fund your expeditions by trading with other cities. Gain access to new items in exchange for your goods, and create all new products to further increase your profits.