OhShape, VR rhythm game available on VIVEPORT Infinity

OhShape, until now available at Steam and Oculus stores, continues its expansion towards new platforms with the arrival to VIVEPORT, VIVEPORT Infinity and VIVEPORT Arcade.

OhShape is a VR game where the player has to move his full body to go through, punch or dodge walls to the rhythm of the music. It’s an immersive game for all type of players inspired by the Japanese TV show ‘Hole in the Wall’.

OhShape’s gameplay is very addictive as any player, with enough practice, can beat even the most exigent levels. OhShape trains your physical and mental agility as well as your reaction capacity. Rhythm plays a fundamental role in the fun as each level is a choreography designed by professional dancers to make you feel like the Master of the stage. And if you want new challenges, compete for the throne on the World’s leaderboards or enjoy the new content created by the community with our powerful level editor (now in BETA).

Key Features:

  • Great immersion: You will feel like you are in the TV show ‘Hole in the Wall’, but dancing.
  • Move your body: You play with your arms, head and legs. Get in Shape with this complete rhythm fitness workout!
  • Fun for all types of players: No matter your skill, OhShape has a track for every player, from beginners to the Masters of Rhythm.
  • Handcrafted Levels: We work with a team of professional choreographers and together we design each level to make them more fun, organic and stylish.
  • Level Editor: Join an active group of content creators and share your custom maps with the community (now on closed beta).
  • Compete with Style: Climb to the top of the leaderboard in a party with friends or beat the highest scores from players around the world.

What’s new in this update
VIVEPORT release comes along with the biggest update of OhShape since it’s Early Access reveal last August. The developers have listened to the community and have worked to include the most demanded features, among which are:

  • No fail mode
  • Speed settings
  • Precision settings
  • Small room mode
  • New scenary
  • New UI
  • Custom songs support

The last point of this update, probably the most awaited of all, will allow any player to create their own levels using their own music. This support is already on a closed beta but very soon the level editor will be available for everybody.

Next milestones will be the launch on both Quest and PSVR with final dates soon to be disclosed.

Store Links

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1098100/OhShape/
Oculus: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/rift/2125948974167426/
VIVEPORT: https://www.viveport.com/apps/f4e7ef44-f6f3-420e-93a0-fd6ea5bd38df/OhShape/