Phageborn, strategy card game on Steam Early Access

Games Revolted announced that the strategy card game Phageborn launched on Steam Early Access for Windows. Featuring unique features specifically created for online card game fanatics, such as a dual resource system, a twin lane battleground and a 2v2 multiplayer mode, Phageborn challenges players to create high level strategies to reign supreme. Start playing Phageborn today in Early Access for 10% off of the standard price of $14.99, €12.49, £11.39. Additionally, join the Issilith battlefield today for the chance to win €10,000 in the Phageborn Early Access tournament.

“Our free public beta launched a week ago, and thanks to the help of our community we were able to identify major bugs and implement the necessary fixes to launch in Early Access a week before we had planned,” said Danijel Matić from Games Revolted. “With so many games getting delayed already this year we thought it would be a nice way to thank and reward the fans who have been with us since the beginning of this dream journey. We look forward to working together toward creating the game that we hope will be the go-to for core strategy card game fans.”

Early Access is only the first step in the adventure that is Phageborn, as Games Revolted looks to garner community feedback to create the best online strategy card game of the new decade.

The events in the Phageborn digital card game occur in Issilith, a realm destroyed by an unknown evil force. Players don the role of a team of robust champions as they prove their deck-building and decision-making skills in dynamic duels within the dark and unforgiving battlefields of Issilith. With a dual resource system, twin lane battlegrounds, 2v2 multiplayer and a host of mighty avatars to choose from, Phageborn dives into deep strategic card play with gorgeous visuals and intriguing lore.