Might Is Right, classic turn-based strategy game on Steam Early Access

Aspiring Indie game developers Alex Goldring & Arsen Adamov, aka Lazy Kitty announced the availability of their debut game, Might Is Right, a modern take on the classic turn-based strategy game offering a compelling story, intuitive controls and deep complex mechanics. Rich on features and content, Might is Right is a non-linear single-player game available on STEAM™ for Windows.

Might Is Right offers the perfect blend of turn-based tactical combat and RPG character progression. With its state-of-the-art AI and incredible attention to detail, your task is to assemble and control a squad of 6 characters and fight your way across a dangerous battlefield. Characters gain experience in combat and for each levels talent-points are awarded. Each character has its own unique talent tree with options featuring a distinct style of play. Might Is Right includes two primary modes of play; Adventure Mode and Combat Mode. The former allows your squad to freely navigate the map while collecting treasures, visit settlements and perform quests, while the latter mode challenges you to fight the enemy until death!

Might Is Right has a comprehensive AI that makes each game session unique; it will surprise you when you least expect it, and talent combinations ensure that enemies are never repetitive or predictable. Enemy encounters are procedurally generated and the AI is tailored to accommodate your current strength and abilities prior to offering a fair and realistic challenge.


  • 50+ Items To Discover
  • Unlimited Experience Levels
  • 8 Playable Heroes & 10 Mercenaries
  • Complex Talent Trees w/150+ Talents
  • Advanced AI
  • Tutorial & Achievements