Divination, fortune-telling simulator on Windows

DIVINATION is a fortune-telling simulator where you play as a pair of hands who can foresee the future. Talk and listen to people’s stories, then conjure the shape of their future using the runes that they had drawn. The result of the divination will stir the fate of humans and robots alike.

The story of the game starts after Mother’s suicide. Mother, the pinnacle of human knowledge, a sentient AI that was designed to answer human questions, a figure that people worship and revere, one day comes to the conclusion that life is pain, life is a failure.

The safeguard on all AI prevents them from harming humans. However, Mother could kill herself. Thus Mother committed suicide. The news sent shock waves across the city and its people. To prevent further catastrophes, the authorities immediately installed an anti-suicide safeguard for all AI.

4 years later, in the aftermath of Mother’s suicide, the player will play as an oracle, a pair of hands who can foresee the future, dwelling in the hidden corners of the city, waiting to be found by those who desperate to seek the divination.

The game features:

  • Rune reading mechanic.

  • 4 different clients in all different kinds of story, flesh, and mind.

  • Multiple endings based on the outcomes of your divination.

  • Flowchart divination to ease player experience.

  • Neo-noir graphic style

  • Ominous ethno-futuristic soundtrack.

Mojiken Studio is released DIVINATION on Steam for Windows.