TerraGenesis, Terraforming Simulator Coming to Windows PC

Tilting Point and Edgeworks Entertainment will be bringing their indie terraforming mobile game TerraGenesis to the Windows PC this fall. Rooted in real data and science from NASA, TerraGenesis delivers a deep, near-photorealistic outer-space experience, and has already seen immense success on the App Store and Google Play stores with over 13 million downloads, as well as earning Edgeworks a Mobile Game Awards nomination for Best Indie Developer in 2018.

In conjunction with the upcoming Windows PC launch, Tilting Point and Edgeworks have partnered with filmmaker, composer and influencer Melodysheep on a brand new cinematic video for TerraGenesis that showcases the possibilities of space exploration, depicting a sense of wonder and curiosity. A science enthusiast, Melodysheep is known for fusing music and ideas in his videos and remixes, in addition to his famous musical tributes for legendary public figures like Neil Armstrong, Carl Sagan, Bob Ross and more.

In TerraGenesis, players can create and care for the life on their planet while turning it into a thriving paradise. Featuring realistic science and accurate maps with over 40 real-life planets, moons, and even historical versions of Earth to terraform, players are confronted with challenges and opportunities as they transform their world and create a new and unique society on the surface of each and every planet they visit. The Windows PC version of the game will feature the latest TerraGenesis 5.1 update, which includes the “Flat Planet Mode,” which can turn all in-game planets flat like coins rotating in space. Similar to the mobile game, Windows PC players will also have the option to turn the mode on or off based on their environment preference.

More information on the TerraGenesis Windows PC version, including a launch date, will be announced in the months to come.